If you’ve ever had the misfortune of suffering from a Urinary tract infection (UTI), you sure couldn’t haven’t forgotten the symptoms. What starts with an urgent need to visit the restroom, ends with a burning sensation and foul odor which leaves you miserable and sick.

Believe it or not, these aren’t even the most major problems of a UTI.  You risk having an infection that can quickly spread to your kidneys via your urethra and cause serious damage. Now the good news on the other hand is that including certain foods in your diet can help temper your symptoms and relieve your pain.

1. Baking Soda
Alkaline in nature, baking soda aids in neutralizing the acidity in your urine which can alleviate the burning sensation and speed up recovery. Stir in 1tsp baking soda in a glass of water, and drink the solution twice a day. (Related Article: 6 Amazing Ways Baking Soda Can Be Used For Your Skin)

2. Cranberries & Blueberries
Both these berries belong to the same family, Vaccinium, and can ward off a UTI by preventing the infectious bacteria from attaching to the walls of the urinary tract. While you may easily find cranberry juice at your local store, blueberry juice may not be as handy. So drink cranberry and eat blueberries. (Related Article: Give Your Heart A Berry Good Treat)

3. Vitamin C Rich Foods
This immune bolstering vitamin is known to ward off a range of infections by increasing your interferon levels (a protein which inhibits the replication of microbes). Besides, vitamin C makes your urine more acidic, which can fight off the bacteria in your urinary tract. So load up on citrus foods and leafy greens which contain a sufficient dose of vitamin C. You may also consider vitamin C supplements under the guidance of your doctor.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar
A natural antibiotic spilling with good enzymes and essential minerals, apple cider vinegar prevents the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract, thereby treating UTI. Drink 2tbsp apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water, twice daily to alleviate your symptoms.

5. Pineapple
Another effective remedy for UTI is pineapple. This fruit is rich in bromelain, an enzyme which has both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Eating pineapple with your usual dose of antibiotics can speed up recovery.

So when you see the first signs of a UTI come knocking, start loading up on these foods.

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