Tea Tree Oil: An exceptionally effective antiseptic, tea tree oil also has antibiotic properties that can reduce the buildup of bacteria, bleeding and inflammation. Use commercially available toothpaste which contains tea tree oil to brush every day. Alternatively, you can dilute two drops of tea tree oil in 1tsp of water and rub this mixture on the gums twice a day.

Native to Australia, tea tree oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) has been used by the Aborigines for thousands of years due to its many healing properties. While they used crushed leaves to treat burns, cuts, wounds and other skin infections, it was not until very recently that tea tree oil was used as an essential oil.

The antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of tea tree oil can be attributed to its active components—terpenes. From treating acne, rashes and cold sores to asthma, bronchitis and even chicken pox, these various health benefits of tree tea oil will amaze you.

1. Acne
If you regularly suffer from acne, blemishes and spots, tea tree oil can be your savior. A few drops of this oil on a cotton ball can be applied to your acne and blemish-prone skin every night. Tea tree oil works on acne because of its disinfecting and soothing properties. It also aids in disinfecting clogged pores and drying out whiteheads and blackheads. Use a face wash containing tea tree oil for this. (Related Article: Could Your Acne Mean Something More?)

2. Psoriasis
The disinfectant properties of tea tree oil can help in treating mild psoriasis. Apply a mixture of a few drops of tea tree oil with an equal amount of olive oil on your flaky patches for instant relief. (Related Article: Healing Q&A: How Do I Treat Psoriasis?)

3. Athlete’s Foot
Tea tree oil’s antifungal and antiviral properties can treat athlete’s foot and other fungal toe infections. Simply apply three to four drops of tea tree oil over the affected area for instant results.

4. Other Skin Benefits
Besides fighting acne, tea tree oil also has other skin benefits, including the following.

5. Haircare
Tea tree oil can cure a dry scalp and prevent hair fall by unclogging the pores of your hair follicles and nourishing the roots. A few drops of tea tree oil works just fine to get rid of dandruff and lice. Mix it with any carrier oil like olive or jojoba and massage it  on to your scalp before you shampoo. (Related Article: 4 Herbs For Hair Love)

6. Oral Health
Dilute a few drops of tea tree oil in a cup of water and use it to rinse your mouth twice a day. This routine will alleviate bad breath, plaque gingivitis and inflamed gums. Owing to its antiseptic properties, this essential oil also aids in getting rid of canker sores. (Related Article: 9 Herbs To Get Healthy Teeth & Gums)

7. Sore Throat & Congestion
The antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil can be harnessed to treat cold, sore throat and congestion. A simple steam inhalation with a few drops of tea tree oil can work wonders to unblock your nose.

8. Pink Eye Treatment
Also known as conjunctivitis or eye flu, tea tree oil works to reduce the redness and itchiness associated with pink eye. Boil two to three green teabags with three drops of tea tree oil. Allow to steep for five minutes, then cool to room temperature. Place this bag on your affected eye (closed) for about 20 minutes. (Related Article: Get Healthy Eyesight With These 5 Foods)

Apart from these health benefits, tea tree oil is also an insect deterrent and keeps mosquitoes away. It is a wonderful cleaning agent and can make your floors, tiles, dishes and laundry shine.

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