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These Natural Hangover Remedies Are Magic

Headaches, nausea and light-sensitivity are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hangover symptoms, which are experienced by upwards of three million Americans every year. While some actually claim to never experience the alcohol-induced phenomenon, science calls this a bluff, claiming that people exempt from hangovers are actually non-existent. So, rather than trying to ignore it, cure your hangover with these natural ...

6 Morning-Magic Rituals To Ease Stress & Improve Confidence

Recently, many people feel like they’ve woken up in some strange Alice Through the Looking Glass place where up is down and down is up. Tsunami-like waves of emotion have echoes across the country in recent weeks. How can you get a grip and become proactive? How can you fight against feelings of helplessness? Below are a slew of delicious morning rituals that will empower you, heal you and make you and the world a happier, healthier ...

Why You’ll Be All Abuzz About Manuka Honey

Consider Manuka honey the powerful, ultra-heathy cousin of the everyday honey sitting in your panty right now —it's making headlines as the next superfood. From New Zealand, created specifically by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush, this particular honey’s strong health credentials, antibacterial properties, and beauty benefits have drastically popularized the sticky sweet stuff anew. Here's why you need to get ahold of some Manuka honey ...

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