Studies show that people who took ashwagandha exhibited anxiolytic properties (antianxiety) and improved mental health.
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When you’re pregnant, any medicine that you would normally use to treat common ailments, such as a cough, cold, or even a mild topical skin rash becomes questionable. After all, your baby is depending on you for nutrition and to keep them safe as they grow. Read on to learn about natural remedies for treating your cough and cold symptoms during your pregnancy.
In this article, we'll explore three natural home remedies for easing up the symptoms of eczema in your baby and provide some handy tips for preventing this bothersome skin condition in the first place.
The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger reduce inflammation and helps in the repair of cartilage, thus relieving symptoms of osteoarthritis.
Pregnancy causes many changes to occur on the inside and outside of your body. While this experience is life-changing, crazy, and beautiful, it can also lead to serious health issues (some of which require immediate medical attention). Read on to learn about four common pregnancy complications, their symptoms, how they are diagnosed, and what they might mean for you and your baby.
While coffee beans never fail to give you that kick, the outer berry which is so easily discarded has a galore of health benefits, too.