Having a baby is truly an adventure–a whirlwind of excitement and sleep deprivation all rolled into one often overwhelming first year. New parents often have countless questions, and while your pediatrician is always your best resource, sometimes it’s nice to check out some reading material before you pick up the phone and call the doctor. Our editors have selected the most helpful articles about babies from our collection, in hopes that we can help you navigate that amazing first year of your baby’s life.

Before baby arrives

Must-Have Items for Baby’s Arrival

Bathing and diapering

Giving Baby A Bath

Best Baby Soaps And Shampoos

Best Creams For Diaper Rash

Natural Treatments For Yeast And Fungal Infections


Signs of Hunger and Fullness in Babies

Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding

Formula Recommendations For Moms Who Can’t Breastfeed

Best Baby Formulas

How Concerned Should I Be About BPA?

Tips for Buying Baby Food

Baby Food Options

Should I Avoid Feeding Baby Fruits?

How To Get Baby To Try New Foods?

Drinking From A Cup

Natural Clean-up For Sticky Messes


Helping Baby Sleep

Should I Sleep Train My Baby?

Teething And Sleep

Keeping Children In Their Own Beds At Night

Play and child-care

When Do Babies Benefit From Group Play?

Finding A Great Babysitter

Natural Toys For Babies And Kids

Non-Toxic Plastic Toys

Disinfecting Children’s Toys

Creating A Green Play Space

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Sunscreen For Babies

Potty Training In Public