Once you find out you are pregnant, there’s plenty of preparation and planning waiting ahead—decorating your nursery, choosing your baby’s name, and baby-proofing your home. We assume we thought of everything, but have you taken into consideration which birthing method your baby will arrive into the world with?

As a mother, you ought to select the delivery option that best suits your preference and fulfills the baby’s immediate needs, without adversely affecting your health. Join us as we discuss the different birth methods and what these birthing methods will entail for you and your new addition to the family.

Birthing Methods: 5 Child Birthing Techniques That Best Suits You

1. Vaginal Birthing Method

The most traditional of them all, this kind of delivery is also the most common. It allows a new mother to breastfeed more easily and requires quicker recovery so you can leave a hospital or clinic sooner.

Choosing this method means you don’t incur the risks associating with invasive surgery, such as those required for a C-section. For pain management, you will be offered either an epidural or a spinal block unless you choose an alternative method.

2. Water Birthing Method

This is slowly becoming popular in western cultures although it may seem less conventional than other birthing methods. Hospitals and birthing centers are getting birthing tubs installed, but if you wish to have the baby at home you can rent one. The water is usually between 90-100 degrees and a special Doppler device monitors your baby’s condition.

You can deliver the baby under or just above the surface of the water. This is a great option for your baby who is accustomed to being suspended in amniotic fluid, as they experience less anxiety and less pressure on their muscles while you will enjoy more freedom of movement.

Tip: Do not try this if you suspect you will have a breech birth, are expecting twins or fear complications.

3. HypnoBirthing Method

This method employs hypnosis in order to help you deal with pain and is built on the premise of a natural childbirth, and will reduce trauma due to the psychologically induced reactions that fear or anxiety have on your body.

In this particular state of hypnosis, your body’s natural relaxant, endorphins will replace the stress hormones that constrict and cause pain. You will be taught simple self-hypnosis techniques and how to control your breathing as well as some mind-control tips to deal better with the contractions. This is a great option if you wish to have a totally natural birth.

4. Caesarean Section Birthing Method

A surgical method, it involves a surgeon making an incision into your abdomen and uterus and removing your baby manually. Without a doubt, you will take a longer time to recover as compared to a vaginal birth, and you will face more restrictions.

This method is preferable for women who are at risk of complications, suspect birth defects, are having more than one baby, or suffering from certain conditions that do not allow for a vaginal birth.

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