Pregnancy & Babycare

Tips to get you through this 37th week and the last trimester. Go easy!
This week the baby gets into position. Find out how to keep calm and breath through it.
You are just about 3 months away before the day you will give birth to your baby. Try to enjoy the calm before the storm!
Spot the trigger for your headaches to curb headaches in this trimester.
Your baby’s brain now has about 10 billion nerve cells during the second trimester. Impressive!
Meditation improves the flow of oxygen to all parts of the body and eases tension, which is especially good during pregnancy. Learn how to meditate safely when you're expecting.
If you thought 9 months was an eternity, you might reconsider that you’re almost mid-way through!
The nineteenth week is one where some of the more uncomfortable symptoms such as heartburn continue, but others fade for a peaceful period of the pregnancy. Know more...
You are half way through the 7th month of your pregnancy, and you’re putting on weight quickly – your baby will probably double in weight by the time she is born. Know more...
Everything you ever wanted to know about what happens to your body after you give birth.