Q: What are the absolute must have items that I need to prepare for my baby’s arrival into our home?  What are the things that I need in the nursery?  What should I have in my medicine cabinet?  What items should I get rid of?
A: Despite what the many industry leaders would have you believe, babies don’t actually need much “stuff”.  Put the gadgets aside and focus on what is really essential: food, clothing (including diapers), and basic home remedies.  If you are breastfeeding, you may not need much for the baby but mom could use a few good nursing bras, breast pads, and a well-stocked pantry of healthy food and pure water.  Purchasing a quality breast pump is also essential for nursing moms who are returning to work.  How you diaper and clothe your babe may vary, but what you don’t want is to expose your child to a wide array of toxins.  Seek out natural or organic diapers (cloth or disposable), non-toxic baby wipes (or make your own!), and soft, organic baby wear.  For your nursery, you’ll want to ensure a safe sleep space for your child – whether co-sleeping or crib-sleeping – and avoid toxins in mattresses, bed coverings, or excessive padding/pillows which may make sleep dangerous.  If you are redoing a room in your home as a nursery, seek out non-toxic paints and furniture and be wary of items that give off electromagnetic charge, including televisions or wireless routers, near baby’s sleep space.

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