Q: My question is on teething and sleeping through the night? My niece is 4m and is teething and my 15m twins (still breast feeding) are not sleeping through the night what should I do?
A: Sleep deprivation is probably the hardest part of being a parent! But I think the idea that our babies and toddlers will sleep through the night without waking is often unrealistic, especially while breastfeeding or teething. I would seek some comfort in knowing that there are many, many moms with children of the same age who do not sleep through the night. I also have found Elizabeth Pantley’s books “The No-Cry Sleep Solution” (one for infants,one for toddlers) to be very helpful and reassuring. As for teething, there are some safe and effective homeopathic teething products (gels and tablets) to help ease discomfort and help everyone to get more sleep!

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