Q: What are the best creams for diaper rash?  Is there something I can make myself?
Diaper rash may be caused by a number of factors, so a simple cream may not resolve the issue.  Babies have very sensitive skin and the combination of chemical exposure and moisture may contribute to diaper rash.  Changing diapers frequently and allowing baby’s bottom to be dry for regular periods (i.e. diaper free) may be a big help.  You may also need to try different kinds of diapers, consider cloth diapering, or even look at the types of detergents that you are using.  Diaper rash may be connected to allergies or sensitivities, including food allergies, or to a yeast overgrowth, in which case probiotics may be called for.  If you do want to try a cream for relief as well, do be sure to choose one that has natural non-petroleum ingredients that also have healing agents, such as calendula or Vitamin E.  Talk to your healthcare provider if diaper rash persists.

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