How do you find a great babysitter?
Finding the perfect babysitter is every mom’s dream!  And certainly many factors need to be considered, including the child’s age.  In every case, some of your best resources are your friends, family members, and neighbors.  A personal referral is a great way to find a successful sitter, although the sitter your neighbor loves might not work for your family.  Basic first aid and CPR training are a standard for good babysitters and you want to take the time to interview each candidate and see how they interact with your family, your children, and your household.  No matter how old your children are, a test drive for their first visit is a great opportunity to ease into a new sitter.  Have your sitter come while you tackle a home project you’ve been meaning to get to, so that you can develop a comfort level for everyone involved.  There are also a good number of professional agencies – locally and online – who screen sitters on a variety of factors that may be useful.

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