Q: Between school homework, games, and just “looking things up” my child is on the computer a lot.  How much is too much?  What is the appropriate length of time for my children to play computer games?
A: According to a recent study, children who spend more than 2 hours a day in front of a screen (TV or computer-based), were at least 59 percent more likely “to have emotional, social and concentration problems”.  Prolonged screen time has also been linked to vision problems and headaches, particularly among children.  I think what is also important is what kids are NOT doing when they are in front of a screen.  Screen time is generally passive.  Kids who spends hours each day in front of a digital screen are not getting fresh air, exercise, or engaging in their environment or with nature.  They are also spending fewer hours in imaginative and creative play.  All of these are important considerations for deciding how much screen time your children should engage in.

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