Q: How do I encourage my kids to exercise and play outside versus choosing to sit in front of the computer or on their phones?
A: Getting kids outdoors may be challenge if they are used to indoor play, but it’s well worth it when you consider the physical, mental, and emotional benefits! Connecting with nature can help calm children and build a strong appreciation for living more sustainably. To get the ball rolling, you may need to make it fun and show how being outside is not “boring”, as video games and electronics offer a fast-paced, high-stimulus environment in contrast. What do your kids like? Do they like to build? Try creating a sand box, building a fort with natural materials, or show them how to make a snowman. If they love games, try creating one outside – from old-fashioned hopscotch to a find-and-seek, where you create a list of items for them to locate around them, you can help them enjoy their surroundings. Trips to the beach, animal sanctuaries and preserves, local farms, or even a picnic in the park can also show them how to have fun with nature and help build their appreciation for their environment.. 

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