Q: I felt fine for the first three months of my pregnancy, but now am feeling pretty depressed. How long after giving birth can I still suffer from postpartum depression?
A: Although some postpartum depression begins right after delivery, at least 20% of postpartum depression cases are diagnosed through the first 6 months of motherhood.  Postpartum depression should certainly be addressed with your healthcare provider, but there are some simple but important actions that might help.  Support is essential.  Family, friends, a local mom’s group or support group are all wonderful places to find support and get connected.  Enlist your partner or spouse to help with some of your biggest and most important challenges, such as sleep and nutrition, both of which can impact your state of being.  Avoiding caffeine, alcohol and sweets are important during this time, and supplements such as St John’s Wort, omega-3 fatty acids, and folic acid may also be helpful for you.  Finally, be gentle with yourself and know that becoming a parent is never easy.

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