Q: I’m pregnant and want to have a natural birth. What are my options?
A: The most essential keys to creating the birth experience that you desire are education and support. Start by reading books about childbirth, and take advantage of the many resources available on the Internet and even movies about birth. Decide what your ideal personal birth plan looks like and write it down. There is a huge list of choices to be made, from where you would like to give birth (home, birthing center, hospital) to the type of practitioner you would like to attend your birth (such as your midwife or OB/GYN). Whatever you choose, be sure that the location and practitioners support your plan and are in agreement with your wishes. Consider taking a natural childbirth class to help you weigh your options in advance and to become aware of the choices you will need to be prepared for. You might look into hiring a doula, a birth assistant, to focus on you and to be an advocate for you during childbirth. Extend your support network to your family and friends as well. Find like-minded people who respect your choices and who can share their own birth experiences with you and keep you on track with your desired plan.

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