Q: What steps should I take to prepare my other kids for the arrival of their baby sister?
A: Involving your other kids in the anticipation and arrival of a new baby can be a wonderful way to develop the future sibling relationships, and help your other children to feel connected. You might include your children in a regular visit or checkup, have them help select clothes or items for the baby, and help create a space for your new child. There are wonderful books on welcoming a new baby available that you can read with your children to open up communication and address any concerns or questions that they may have. Once the baby arrives, involve your children as helpers. Give them an opportunity to lend a hand during bath time or feeding, to help you care for the baby and for yourself. And carve out time just for the other kids as much as possible. Whether it’s a special movie night or trip to the park, balancing out time and attention will help to alleviate some of the jealousy issues that can arise.

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