Q: What’s your opinion of sleep training and how did you get your babies to sleep through the night?
A: Expecting a newborn to sleep through the night is an unrealistic goal.  Babies need to feed frequently and have many reasons for night waking.  Each child is different and he or she may have different sleep requirements.  Following the child’s lead – as tiring as that may be for a parent – is a philosophy we have followed in many of our parenting situations.  A gentle sleep approach, such as solutions offered by author Elizabeth Pantley in her “No Cry Sleep” books offer positive strategies for encouraging sleep without upset or trauma.  My two boys are very different.  My first was never a sleeper, gave up his short 20 minutes naps by 18 months old and rarely sleeps as many hours as his peers.  My second loves to sleep, will sleep in on weekends and didn’t stop napping until he was 5 years old!  Our sleep strategies are very different with each child, as each is unique.

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