Q: All of the sudden my two year old doesn’t like taking baths anymore … unless mommy takes one with her. I don’t mind doing it once it a while but would love to find a way to get her back in there by herself. (Sitting naked in three inches of lukewarm water gets old fast.) Do you have any suggestions?
A: Lots of them!  Baths are much more fun when there are bubbles and toys to play with.  There are some wonderful natural companies making non-toxic bath products and safe toys for tub time!  The Land of Nod has some adorable BPA-, phthalate- and PVC-free rubber duckies, among other bath toys, that can be set aside as special bath-time playthings for your little one.  Plus, a handful of companies, such as Little Twig make natural, safe bubble bath products that are sulfate and paraben free and have no synthetic ingredients, so they are safe for your child and for the environment!  The best advice?  Have fun with your child!  Make mountains of bubbles, splash to music, or play funny games.  Everything is more fun when mom or dad is paying attention and fully present!

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