Q: What are some ways to teach my kids to be less wasteful?
A: As a parent, I love visual examples for kids. If you want to teach your children about waste, show them! For example, want to teach the kids to turn off the water while brushing their teeth? Put a large bowl or bucket under the faucet and let them see how much water goes down the drain when the faucet runs. Want to reduce paper towel use? Set up a specific disposal just for paper towels for a week and see how full it gets. Then draw a line to mark your goal for the next week. Or, better yet, explain how that one pile goes into a landfill and how using reusable towels (such as those from PeopleTowels) can help reduce waste. The more they can see it and touch it, the more real it is for them (and for all of us!).

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