Q: When is it time to move my toddler into a big bed?
A: That depends upon where your toddler is moving from.  If your toddler is sleeping in a crib, the general rule is to move her once she is able to climb out by herself.  However, if you are a co-sleeping family and you want to move your child out of your bed and into her own bed, that is a bit of a different issue.  In each case, making the new sleep space fun, safe, and inviting is important.  Young children need bed rails or guards to be safe in bigger beds or should not be sleeping on an elevated mattress.  Bedtime transitions often take time, so be patient and understanding.  When making the move to a new bed, you might want to look into the chemicals used in conventional mattresses and their safety, especially for young children.  You might find an organic mattress to be a great choice!

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