Q: My son apparently eats like a truck driver at daycare but at home he is so picky. What gives and what can I do to get him to eat more variety?
A: Building healthy habits starts at the very beginning.  Even though kids may be picky eaters, offering a wide variety of healthy options is a great way to introduce them to new foods – especially if you make eating fun.  Kids can learn many simple nutrition facts at surprisingly young ages, which will help empower them to make wise choices as they get older and eat away from home more and more often.  If your child is eating healthy foods at daycare, that’s fabulous.  But if he is packing in junk food when away from home, that’s a different issue.  What are the differences in the food being offered or the setting in which he is eating?  Is it calm, focused time for eating?  Does he do better eating with friends and socializing?  There are so many factors at play.  My older son hardly eats at school – he’s too busy talking with his friends.  So in order for him to eat at school he needs quiet time to eat and then separate time for socializing.  At home, he eats fabulously with fewer distractions.  Try to identify the factors at play first.  And, of course, provide healthy options at all meals!

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