Q: What’s the best way to handle potty training when taking a long car trip? And have you ever used travel potttys? Title: How Can I Potty Train My Daughter While On The Go? Meta-description:  Portable potty training tips for the family on the go.

A: The best advice: be prepared!   If you are just starting potty training and long car trip is in your future, remember that it’s natural to have accidents along the way.  Pack your patience along with several changes of clothing for the ride, natural wipes, and perhaps a towel or waterproof cover for your car seat.  Or you might opt for training pants or another option just for the ride, as long as you explain the exception and discuss it with your child.  Portable potties are a great option!  I know many moms who have used them with great success and they make a very handy option, although I have not used them myself.

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