Q: What’s a safe age to start putting sunscreen on my baby and which sunscreens are safe?
A: The general advice is not to apply sunscreen to babies under 6 months of age, but at any age the chemicals used in many commercial sunscreens may be toxic.  It’s important to do some research first and to find sun protection that is safe and effective.  Keep in mind that some early morning/late afternoon sun exposure is actually healthy for our bodies to produce Vitamin D.  Beyond that, the best sun protection is to cover up with clothing and hats when you are out and about. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) just released their 2012 Sunscreen Guide and offers a searchable database for a variety of brands and evaluates the toxicity of their ingredients.  The guide has good information all parents should read and the database is a very useful tool for learning about particular brands and deciding on which one first your personal criteria for safety.

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