All that weight you gain during pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on your body, causing severe back and neck pain. As your tummy gets bigger your back muscles are put under a lot of stress, while the ligaments around your neck and shoulders go slack. This brings a lot of discomfort and leads to serious neck pain in many women.

While popping pills are a strict no-no during pregnancy, there are ways to fight that neck pain without their help. Here’s what you can try.

1. Maintain Eye Level

  • Whether you are relaxing on the couch or at your work station, make sure you’re not looking up or down for too long, as this can put a strain on your neck.
  • Set the screen height to your eye level while working on the laptop or watching TV.

2. Keep A Good Posture

  • A bad posture can cause severe stiffness in the neck during pregnancy.
  • As your baby grows, you may want to slouch even more, often without realizing it. Make an effort to keep your back straight and your head up most times.
  • Take regular breaks, perhaps every three to four hours, to walk and straighten your back and neck. (Also read: 3 Self-Massages To Reduce Your Pregnancy Aches & Pains)

3. Get Some Water-Based Exercise

  • If you used to swim before getting pregnant, seek your doctor’s counsel on whether it’s safe to continue, as swimming can reduce neck pain during pregnancy.
  • Many swimming clubs offer special classes for pregnant women involving a lot of water-based exercises aimed at healing the neck and other body pains. Ask your physician if he has any health clubs to recommend.

4. Invest In Comfortable Bedding

  • The easiest way to get rid of your neck pain is to use a comfortable pillow. Find a pillow that is not too hard or too soft.
  • Make sure you have a comfortable mattress as well that gives you a good night’s sleep.

If the pain persists, visit a chiropractor who can help in minimizing the pain using natural methods. Ensure the professional you visit is certified to work with pregnant women.

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