Your baby is crying out loud and all you can do is worry how to make him stop. Understanding why your baby is crying can help you soothe the little bundle faster. Here are a few tips that might help.

1. Swaddle
You may not always believe in the power of a snug swaddle, but it does wonders to a baby, especially a newborn. Being swaddled properly gives your baby the kind of comfort and sense of security that your baby got inside the womb. This way, your baby will not be scared with sudden movements and might even doze off to sleep. Swaddle your baby comfortably and pat his back gently.

2. Change The Position
If your baby is colicky, holding him face-up may not always help. Instead, try holding your baby in a lying-down position, with your hand under the baby’s belly and the head on your forearm. The gentle pressure on your baby’s tummy can help remove any gas or flatulence, thus relieving colic pain. Change your baby’s position gently till you find one that soothes him.

3. Bring Out Some White Noise
You may find every little sound disturbing to your baby, but sometimes a little white noise can actually help. While your baby was inside the womb, there were various sounds that made way inside, at a low volume, of course. You can recreate this feeling and soothe your baby by introducing white noise such as the sound of a fan, the slow flow of water, and the radio tuned on to very low or static. The idea is to provide constant sound that is very low and not disturbing.

4. Say Shhhh
All your baby may need from you is a quiet yet firm assurance that you are there and everything is alright. Hold your baby in your arms and take your mouth close to his ear. Repeat the ‘shhh’ sound over and over again. Be a little loud if required, so that your baby can hear you above all the crying. Keep repeating the sound till your baby calms down.

5. Add Some Motion
While inside the womb, your movement provided a lot of calm to your baby. Now that he is out and in distress, introducing some gentle movements can help. Take your baby in your arms and slowly pace the room, increasing the speed if the baby demands. Alternatively, take him for a quick spin in the car, where he’ll doze off in the seat.

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