Do you get a headache after you eat a particular food or smell a specific fragrance? It’s hard to identify what’s causing that sudden pounding in your head, but here are six sneaky triggers you might be overlooking.

1. Weather
Ever-changing weather—especially hot, sunny days marked with high humidity—is a major headache or migraine trigger. Changes in the barometric pressure, which happens mostly during cold winter days, can also lead to headaches. While we can’t do much about the weather, we sure can take precautions. Avoid having cold drinks on excessively hot days and keep your body warm in winter to prevent headaches.

2. Strong Scents
Strong scents such as perfumes and paints can set off a migraine in many people. Although the mechanism behind this is not known, these strong odors are thought to stir up the nervous system and give you a headache. Avoid sweet, fruity perfumes and steer clear of newly painted surroundings to remain headache-free. (Related Article: 8 Natural Deodorants That Don’t Stink)

3. Sex
A headache has long been used as the most common excuse to avoid sex. However, did you know that getting under the sheets may be making your head throb? More common in men, coital headaches often come at the height of passion and are sometimes referred to as ‘orgasmic headaches’. Doctors think that these may be brought about by fluctuations in the blood pressure and the build-up of pressure in the head and neck muscles. (Related Article: 7 Healthy Foods For Better Sex)

4. Poor Posture
Slouching at your desk for long periods of time results in pressure build-up in the head and neck muscles and can trigger a headache. Sit up straight to keep the blood flowing smoothly. Get up and walk around at regular intervals. (Related Article: Tips To Prevent The ‘Computer Hunch‘)

5. Foods
Certain foods are known to set off headaches in people. Cheese (especially aged ones) such as blue cheese, Cheddar, Parmesan, Stilton and Brie are rich in tyramine, which can trigger headaches. Other foods are chocolate, caffeine, red wine, cured processed meats and ice cream.

6. Smoking
Here’s another reason to kick the butt. Smoking is known to trigger cluster headaches, as the nicotine from the tobacco causes the blood vessels in the brain to dilate.

Keep a diary and maintain a record of things you’ve been exposed to when your migraine begins. Still in pain? These seven yoga poses will help you get rid of that headache.

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