Don’t go around blaming your monthly cycle for all your aches and miseries. Sometimes the food you eat during your menstruation days can be the reason behind those painful symptoms. To avoid all the mayhem, make sure you skip on these foods during that time of the month.

Fatty Meat
Steer clear of juicy beef steaks and bratwursts during your period. Meats like pork, beef and lamb contain saturated fats that can cause inflammation and pain. These meats not only induce pain, but can also worsen existing cramps.
Instead Go For: Leaner meats like chicken or fish.

Ice Cream
It may seem like the ideal food to calm your nerves, but the truth is that ice cream will only worsen the pain. This and other dairy products such as cheese contain saturated fats, which aggravate the situation.
Instead Go For: A non-dairy popsicle with fresh fruits. Try this easy-to-make healthy blueberry-orange popsicle recipe. today.

Chips, Snacks & Other Processed Foods
We’re all guilty of reaching for that big bag of chips to divert our mind from the pain. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but processed foods contain a lot of sodium that can trigger bloating and cause discomfort.
Instead Go For: Unsalted nuts and seeds, as they are healthy and satisfying, and will help overcome your cravings.

Sugary Treats
Candy, cookies, cupcakes and all those other sugary treats may cause a temporary mood elevation, but once that wears off your mood will take a dip. Apart from that, sugar can also trigger cramps and pains.
Instead Go For: Fruits or dark chocolate.

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