Yes, it takes about 4,000 pounds of rose petals to get 1 pound of rose essential oil. Rose oil is quickly absorbed by the skin, does not leave a greasy texture and can be used directly or mixed with a cream or lotion. It has antidepressant, antimicrobial, antiseptic and astringent properties. It is also an aphrodisiac and acts as an excellent tonic for the stomach, liver and uterus. Rose oil is sometimes called ‘women’s oil’, because it provides relief from menstrual pain and prevents skin aging. The oil can also diminish redness of the skin that is triggered by enlarged capillaries.

It regulates hormone production and maintains its balance in the body. Rose oil improves circulation, reduces blood pressure and provides relief from headaches, dehydration, asthma and leucorrhea.

Please Note: Use of rose oil during pregnancy must be avoided, as it could cause a miscarriage.


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