You probably know all about getting on the pill—but what happens when you’ve stayed on it for a long time and want to quit? Once you decide to go off the pill, it may take about five to six days for the symptoms to kick in. Here are five (good and bad) symptoms of going off the pill.

1. You’ll Lose Weight
Hallelujah! Weight loss is one of the first symptoms of going off the pill. You’ll lose all the weight you gained when you got on it (sometimes even more).

2. You May Break Out
When you get off the pill, your body is no longer getting pumped with estrogen which keeps oily skin at bay. Instead, your body will see a rise in the testosterone hormone that could result in acne.

3. Your Period May Get Heavier & More Painful
Was your period heavy and painful before you went on the pill? If yes, chances are you’ll revert to that discomfort. Ovulation can cause painful and heavy periods and the pill contains high progesterone and estrogen levels that stop your body from ovulating, which is why taking the pill had given you relief from a painful period.

4. Your Breasts May Shrink
Did you notice an increase in your cup size when you started the pill? Now that you are planning to go off the pill, your breasts are likely to shrink back to their natural size.

5. Your Sex Drive Will Increase
Vaginal dryness and lack of sex drive will all be a thing of the past once you bid adieu to the pill. Isn’t this surely worth going off the pill for?

Remember that the moment you stop taking the pill you are no longer protected from pregnancies. Speak to your doctor for other birth control options.