5 Tips To Maintaining Your Style & Beauty On The Go

by Aquila Leon-Soon

As a working wife and mom of two beautiful girls, I struggled with striking a balance between self-care and taking care of everyone else. My last pregnancy from two years ago left me ten pounds heavier and feeling less sexy. I rarely made time to go to the nail salon or make time to exercise. The last straw was not being able to fit into my favorite cocktail dress for a work function. It was time to lose the weight!
At first, starting my new workout routine was easy with fitness experts like Anna Rendrer and her show, Class Fit Sugar, keeping me on track. The tough part was maintaining my renewed look and energy throughout the workday. Though the weight is coming off slowly, I found some amazing tips along the way that has helped keep the weight off and maintain my style on the go.

Here are 5 of my top favorite tips and tricks to help maintain your own style and beauty on the go:

1. Don’t leave home without your glam kit

To kick off my workweek, it is important to assemble my go-to glam kit at the beginning of each week (preferably on a Sunday).

First, I start by selecting the right size cosmetic bag to secure my items within my workbag. My favorite is the Cosmetic Bag Trio set from Victoria’s Secret.  Featured in three different sizes, the medium size usually fits perfectly in most of my work bags including my classic Louis Vuitton Delightful GM shoulder bag. Inside my go-to glam kit, you will find nifty items that will remedy any potential fashion disaster such as a travel-size Lancome mascara ($13), hand sanitizer, a mini organic tampon from LOLA, and my favorite Iced Coffee Sephora Lip Stain (on sale for $7). For those with oily or sweaty skin, refresh and brighten your skin by packing some of these witch hazel wipes in your go-to glam kit.

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2. Shift your mindset by changing scenery

Sitting behind a desk all day limits my ability to stay in shape. It is also hard to get to a gym when you have little ones at home and a packed social calendar.

Instead of giving up, I schedule 15 to 30-minute throughout my day to take a walk. I chose scenic walking routes such as along the waterfront or bridge.  My steps are tracked on my Apple Watch so I can ensure that I am making progress and achieving at least 10,000 steps per day. Not only do I melt away the calories, I also get to relax my mind and take a mental break away from my workday.

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3. Walk in comfort and style

I love high heels but my flat feet do not! Researchers have found that out of the 49% of women that wear high heels regularly, 71% of them experience pain. Like most women, I am more than willing to choose style over comfort for a few hours for an important client meeting or evening event. 

To make my transition from my fashionable high heels back to something more comfy in no time, I can always count on my favorite pair of travel flats, Tory Burch’s Minnie ballet shoes.  With almost a dozen different colors and patterns, these second generation ballet shoes by the famous designer are comfortable, stylish and fits in your tote or handbag


4. Treat your feet right

Wearing fashionable high heels and stylish ill-fitting flat shoes might look great but can cause issues such as bunions, corns and poor circulation.

According to the Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists, poor circulation to your feet can also lead to other health issues including varicose veins, kidney damage, and strokes. To improve circulation to my feet and keep my pretty toes in good shape, I simply exercise my feet (with or without a partner) for 10 minutes a day with these quick exercises.

When I have more time, I like creating an in-home spa experience with a simple DIY aromatherapy treatment.  I simply soak my feet for 10-15 minutes in a relaxing foot massage tub filled with a few teaspoons of lavender epsom salt.  Try it and your feet will thank you later.

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5. Schedule time to pamper yourself

It is so difficult to make time to call and make a beauty appointment or find a new stylish.  I found some great Iphone apps that has helped to keep my beauty appointment calendar filled and my style on point.  Apps such as StyleSeat allows for quick hair appointments to be booked in less than a minute. 

On StyleSeat, you can also nail and makeup appointments or book your favorite personal stylist in 9 major metropolitan cities. If your entire body needs some TLC, try booking an at-home massage through Zeel.


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