5 Wedding Planning Tips From The Pros

by Z Living Staff

New York Magazine sat down with five different wedding planning pros to get their tips on making the Best Day Ever actually the Best Day Ever! The article is worth the read as you gear up for wedding season. But here are our main take aways (yes, we're taking notes!):

1. Big Cakes Are Out

Better to serve lots of little desserts than one monolithic one, says Umber Ahmad, founder of Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery. That way, your guests can enjoy variety of flavors.

2. Bring Your 10 Year-Old Nephew To Your Dress Fitting

You need honesty and it’s hard to get a straight answer from adults, explains Delphine Manivet, founder of Delphine Manivet.

wedding-planning3. Budget Your Rehearsal Dinner

Bethany Pickard, founder of Modern Kicks Events, explains that when hiring a wedding planner, try to negotiate the rehearsal dinner into the contract. Many underestimate how unweildy the pre-wedding party can become.

4. To Save Big In Your Wedding Planning Budget, Skip The Sit Down Dinner

It all depends on what kind of wedding you want to have, but you can have a blast with hors d’oeuvre and a great DJ — and still have enough money left over for a downpayment on a house! 

5. When Giving a Speech, Keep It Personal

If your speech is about the noun, LOVE, you’re doing it wrong. Focus on the couple, not some abstract declaration of what love is, says Greg Vander Veer of the friend officiant wedding.

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