Is Active Wear From H&M Worth Your Money?

by Trina Remedios
Now, I'm the kind of shopper who believes in purchasing for quality. For this reason, you won't see me buying shoes at any generic fashion store. I'd rather go to someone who knows footwear. But my shopping philosophy was challenged when I found myself at the H&M store, yet again, eyeing their line of activewear. The clothes were just my style—sporty and functional, yet feminine. And I've got to tell you, I have no regrets about my splurge whatsoever!

What You Can Expect To Find

H&M rolls out sportswear lines that are suitable for a variety of workout programs—from CrossFit and Pilates to hiking and kickboxing. H&M's sportswear also incorporates the latest trends in fashion. (Because you know you want to be stylish and on point at the gym).

Their sportswear department has apparel for running, training, yoga and outdoor activities, and includes tops, jackets, bottoms, tights and sports bras. My favorite is the black sports bra with a triple string back that's flirty and feminine. I also loved their Dance, Sleep, Repeat collection.
Did you know that H&M has a plus-size range of activewear too? No boring, loose, plain white tees, but eye popping colors and prints in flattering styles that you will absolutely fall in love with. That said, there's still room for growth; at the moment, they only about 15 styles in the plus-size section.

For men, you will find a tasteful collection of sportswear essentials at a reasonable price. For a price conscience athlete, it's an attractive option because they're a hell of a lot cheaper than Adidas or Nike.
H&M Adidas
Sizes: It has sizes XS-L, and a separate plus-size collection with a more limited selection. Size: It goes from XS to XL, and has a lot more styles to choose from.
Fabric: If you are buying running tights from H&M, they are cut from a fast-drying, functional fabric. They have a key pocket on one leg, and a ventilating-hole pattern at the back of your knees. With zips at the helms and details made from reflective materials, the spandex and polyester garments are an attractive bet. Fabric: Made from recycled polyester and elastane, the designs allow for freedom of movement and the clothes are extremely comfortable. With a snug fit, two pockets, zipper detailing at the ankles, and reflective inserts, these too are a great buy.
Price: $39.99 on average Price: $65 on average


H&M + Designer Collabs

Everyone from Balmain, Alexander Wang, Versace, and Isabel Marant, to David Beckham, Madonna, Beyoncé, and Kylie Minogue have collaborated with the fast-fashion clothing brand. So if you're looking for that limited edition or celebrity-endorsed line, there's plenty to choose from.

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