Fit Fashion For Women By Adidas + Stella McCartney

by Karishma Roye

An exciting collaboration that began in September 2004 has now been firmed up for another five years, as Adidas & Stella McCartney signed the dotted line to remain partners this week. We've loved their collections so far, as the English designer puts a luxurious spin on active wear, using the unconventional whites to canvas a rainbow of bright colors on her clothing line with Adidas.

The two together host a collection of running, swimming, gym and tennis wear, and of the lot, it is the StellaSport line that was launched last year that saw much success owing to its vibrant prints, neon hues, and interchangeable separates. Earlier this month, they released some action wear for girls in action, with multicolored hoodies, shorts and racing shoes emboldened with bright orange floral prints. Upward of $100, it's certainly not your run-of-the-mill fit fashion as Stella puts her designer spin on Adidas' functional mesh and polyester fabrics (you can buy it here).

They duo kicks off this month with the launch of the PureBOOST X sneakers, a pair of running shoes designed exclusively for women, because they're cool like that. These trainers are gamechangers on many counts because:

  • They're among the first dedicated running shoes for women in fit and form (not just a smaller mold of shoes for men).
  • The upper is made out of breathable mesh that wraps around your foot like second skin when you're on the move.
  • The most unique attribute is that the area to support the arch isn't fused with the base of the shoe in the middle. This gets rid of the unnatural flat-footed feeling you get with other shoes and allows for natural movement
  • There's a bounce-back cushioning on the treads of the shoe which helps you spring into motion without losing balance.
  • The lace-lock is quite unique too; instead of meeting in the middle, the laces move from end to end to allow you to make the shoes as tight or as loose as you like at different sections of the feet.

With three color alternates (raw purple and shock red; black and shock green, and mineral blue and halo pink), the PureBOOST X running shoes have just hit stores at $120. Although if you wait another five days, you can get your hands on the Adidas by Stella McCartney versions in dark blue and granite, and white and dark blue by 15the Feb, all for a price of $170.

PS: We already have the CLIMALITE Sports Tights and crop tank from her previous collection, which is worth some browsing time for those who are interested.

Image via Facebook/AdidasWomen

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