These Are America’s Most Popular Yoga Pants

by Charlene Flanagan

Yoga is not new to American soil, which of course, has given just cause to a host of companies to exploit that yoga craze. Bar Refaeli was seen using a Buick as a yoga prop; Janelle Monae even sang a song about the yoga booty;Miranda Kerr strikes a yoga pose even when she’s in a flight… the list does go on.

It’s almost become cool to be spotted with a yoga mat, in your yoga pants, at a yoga studio, keeping calm with that yoga face. Of all the products on offer, yoga pants seem to have gained the biggest push. Move over Juicy tracksuits, Alo Yoga is the new cool kid in town.

Yes, this is the brand everyone’s looking up. According to the company, their “high-performance line exceeds the standards of LA’s most committed yogis who demand maximum quality, innovative fabrics and on-trend styling. Each and every garment is created by a design team of yoga enthusiasts and tested and retested on the best yogis to ensure the finest, most slimming, move-with-you fit that will elevate your every asana.”

Does It Deliver?
So, let’s review Alo Yoga. It would seem that though the range is designed for yoga, people are buying the active wear to go running, spinning, or even to hit the gym. The moisture-wicking properties of the material draws sweat away from the body; the four-way stretch technology does indeed allow for comfort and freedom of movement. The clincher though would be the anti-bacterial feature that prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes. Isn’t everyone conscious about how they’re smelling when they’re in a pool of sweat? To be honest, these three qualities had us sold. However, they are fairly pricey at $100. If you want to buy them anyways, click here.

An Alternative For The Eco-Conscious Buyer
There are other independent companies making worthwhile products. Take Teeki, for example. While the brand stands out for their unique designs, what really caught our attention was the fact that they’re made from recycled plastic PET containers. Yep! It seems that the plastic shreds are melted into pellets, then those pellets are melted (again) and pressed into fiber that’s further manipulated into bales. Baled fiber can then be processed into fabric. Each pair of pants is created with 79 percent of recycled plastic. They cost anywhere between $38 to $72 and can be purchased here.

For The Budget Shopper
Finally, we have Soybu. Perhaps the most budget-friendly of them all, these yoga pants are comfortable and durable (something everyone should look for in activewear, considering they’re expensive). The fabric is flexible and allows for plenty of movement. The waistband secures the pants without cutting into the waist. But, perhaps the best part of the product is the fact that you can buy them anywhere, and they’re available for $43 to $49!


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