We're Loving The New Adidas Avenue A Subscription Box

by Charlene Flanagan

"Online shopping is amazing. It's like a gift from you to yourself."

Well, we couldn't agree more! And, there's a new marketing concept we're particularly warming up to, where you subscribe to a monthly gift box by a particular brand, and they surprise you with a selection of goodies at a discounted rate. It's a ploy to get you hooked on to their latest, you know, the good stuff, in hopes of making you a permanent customer.

The concept that started with wines and makeup, has now been extended to fitness as Adidas launches its own subscription box, the Avenue A, for workout lovers around the world. 

Look Inside To Think Outside The Box
At $150 for a quarterly subscription, Adidas will send you a curating package from their latest in shoes, apparel, and accessories. The Avenue A is a clever move to compete with brands like Nike and Under Armour, along with other novelties like a smartphone app to promote limited edition shoes, and mini factories inside Adidas stores so customers can watch how their shoes get made.

The Girls Will Particularly Love It
Ladies, the first Avenue A is being put together by fitness artist Nicole Winhoffer, because let's face it, women control 70-80 percent of all purchasing power in most households. Her premier edition will serve as reference for future boxes that will be a mix of five premium products in running and lifestyle gear. According to Nicole, “The brand is paying attention to a woman’s need to be stylish, confident and one of a kind. They’re doing it in a really cool new way.”

Adidas has been closely working with fashion trendsetters, athletes and trainers to be able to deliver a functional and stylish box. As Chris Brewer, Director of Running says, "We’ve been working with, and talking to tons of what we call ‘versatile female athletes’ for the past couple of years. We realize they have very busy lives, a lot of demands on their time, and one thing they kept requesting us was, ‘Help me simplify my life a little bit.’" Well, the Avenue A hopes to do just that.

It seems that inside the debut box is the new PureBOOSTx—a running shoe designed for women which features the first-of-its kind floating arch.

Well, we're loving every bit of it! Especially since most gym enthusiasts and active individuals aren't cued into apparel and active wear that's best-suited for them, Adidas' Avenue A can prove to be a great lessson, straight from the professionals who know the inner workings of all of the best products.

An annual package of $600 (a steal, frankly) is also up for grabs. Subscribe here.

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