Did You Know? The Average Male Can Grow 27Ft Of Facial Hair In His Lifetime

by Charlene Flanagan

With the popularization of no-shave November, the beard and stache have really taken center-stage in the recent years. And whileits a worthwhile endeavor to raise awareness about cancer, it also took on a very fashion-forward turn with men taking to social media to sport their movember looks.

Now, we bet you didnt know that like manscaping, there was a certain art to growing facial hairit's known as Pogonotrophy.

So the reason were giving you a lesson in groomingis because studies suggest that thestache and stubble are breeding grounds for microscopic bacteria. In fact, it could be the reason why ground zero has been feeling so itchy and has you touching your face all the time.

What's worse is thatthe average male can grow 27 feet of beard in his lifetime. Just imagine, that's27ft of bacteria-riddledhairwhich should be nipped in the bud instead of doing the rounds.

Unlessyou want to be a carrier of the infestation and transfer it to your lady love, or whatever else you touch after stroking your beard, please do us and yourself a favor and shave. You'll look just as manly, and less like a house pet. Consider it payback for all the waxing, threading and tweezing we do for you.

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