Ban.Do's Active Wear Will Make You Want To Take That #GymSelfie

by Charlene Flanagan
You know the best part about going to the gym? If you can stick with the program long enough, you see a visible transformation that has you standing vainly in front of the full-sized mirrors as you clench your butt and pull in your stomach. Also, how fun are those gym clothes? New sports bras, wrist bands, sneakers in psychedelic colors, and cute tracks and tees are enough to make us want to head to the gym, just to show off our fancy new feel-good threads.

That's exaclty why we're loving Ban.Do's new active wear additions. The Kentucky-based brand has just released a collection of gym bags, exercise mats and water bottles which are dedicated to all the pizza lovers out there, that still manage to get their butt to the gym (so, basically, almost every gym goer, ever!).

Priced between $20 and $32, the merchandise features Instagram-worthy quotes like “Think It, Want It, Get It” bags and mats, “After This We’re Getting Pizza” sippers, and "I Did My Best" sweatshirts; not exactly what you'd find at Nike and Adidas now, is it? 

Personalized touches like encouraging notes in the side pockets courtesy the makers are a great surprise, and if product descriptions are anything to go by, you'll be sold on the active wear in no time. Take a look at the one they've hatched for their gym bag:

"You've got major quad goals. Whether that means a ton of power lunges at the gym or a couple of leg lifts while powering through reruns of The OC, you gotta have a cute bag to hold all your essentials. Ours comes with a neon pink nylon interior made for sweaty stuff and side pockets, perfect for slipping yourself encouraging notes. Now, back to those reruns… er, lunges! #BanDoWorkItOut"


They Get Us!
If you’ve checked out Ban.Do’s Instagram feed, you’ll soon realize that they definitely know how to put the fun in everything they do, what with their glitter bomb iPhone covers, "You are better than unicorns and sparkles combined" postcards, and "Fries Before Guys" pins.

Why would fitness be any different? Browse through one of their 3,000-odd images on Instagram and the message is pretty clear: They're too cool for pretense and give zero f**** about being idealistic. Case in point, this InstaPost about the new Pizza/Active wear collection: 

“Look, we're into working out. We're also into NOT working out. And we're definitely WAAAAYYY into pizza πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•. Our version of fitness looks like this: Hanging out with your friends, paying for a gym membership and only going twice (oops), showing up early to the #Pilates studio to take a #GymSelfie and then maybe leaving 5 minutes into class, burning enough calories to compensate for the 🍟🍟🍟 you're gonna get later. Also, going to a juice bar to get juice but also to wear cute workout gear... sound familiar? But seriously, we want to motivate you to take care of your body by embracing WHATEVER GETS YOU THROUGH IT.”

Sigh. We think this brand's one after our own hearts and we may have found our perfect workout partner. Time for that #GymSelfie with our new Ban.Do gear! 

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