Word To The Wise: Fitness Trainers Reveal Their Skincare Secrets

by Trina Remedios

We’ve taught you How To Workout Your Skin Problems, and also handed you a manual on the 7 Skincare Items You Must Have In Your Gym Bag.

Clearly, those who are on an exercise plan know the troubles of greasy hair and sweaty skin breakouts all too well, which is why, we’ve decided to go the extra mile and round up some sage advice from those who are in the game 24/7—your fitness trainers. Surely, they’ve mastered the art of looking flawless, even long after they’ve created a puddle of sweat at the gym:

  • FlyBarre instructor, Alyse Zwick from New York City protects her skin by frequently washing her hands and wiping her face with witch hazel wipes. It works as a natural toner, and helps balance the pH levels in her skin. She also stays hydrated by drinking three bottles of water, during and after her classes.
  • Yoga instructor, Rebecca Pacheco from Boston has a bottle of face mist in her gym bag, at all times. She swears it’s what gives her a glowing and healthy complexion. She simply brews green tea, fills up a bottle and sprays it on after a class.
  • Pilates instructor Allison Slapnicka from Austin, washes her face only once a day. The sweat helps the skin stay hydrated, so she lets it dry. Although, to prep her skin for a meeting, she washes her face and applies moisturizer and under eye cream.
  • American Athletic Skin Care Association’s Sandy Alcide recommends exfoliating your skin two to three times a week, because those who exercise extensively produce more dead cells that can clog the pores.

To sum it up, beauty is not just about great skin, but gorgeous hair too. That’s exactly why you need to understand that Your Hairstyle Could Be Causing Your Hair Loss, and you need to Get To The Root Of Those Brittle Strands. Every other weekend, indulging in a Hair Detox Session For Your Tresses is also advisable.

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