Beauty Gadgets We'd Love To Take Home

by Charlene Flanagan

Here’s the thing. While you may have your beauty routine set perfectly, wouldn't it be interesting if it was down to a science? If you had some high-tech gadgets with super awesome intel on your side, perhaps the trial and errors of beauty solutions would be few and far between.

Women spend thousands of dollars on beauty creams and lotions, so can you imagine the kind of money we'd pay for gadgets that helped us nail the look? Unfortunately, there aren't many such gizmos on the market, and very little is known about the ones that are. 

Well, we've zeroed in on some that are totally worth your time and money, and make for worthy beauty investments for the new-age woman. Mind you, they are expensive. But, if they help you get to the root of the problem, why not, right?

Foreo Luna 2:
The Luna 2 is an enhanced T-Sonic facial-cleansing and anti-aging system in a revolutionary design for completely personalized cleansing. The cleaning mode uses 8,000 transdermal sonic pulsations a minute, while lower-frequency pulses supposedly help your skin by making it appear smoother and firmer. However, the company is careful to not promise that all your fine lines and wrinkles will disappear; they merely suggest the Luna 2 will greatly reduce the appearance of aging lines for $199.

Indiegogo Way Skin Analyzer:
This personal skincare companion doubles up as a portable dermatologist for all your skincare needs. The device comes fitted with a number of sensors that, after being placed on your skin (like your face), analyze and send an evaluation to a mobile app on your smartphone. It does so by analyzing your skin’s moisture levels vis-a-vis the moisture levels in the environment, after which it will make personalized recommendations about simple things you need to do for your skin. For example, how often you should apply moisturizer. In addition to measuring moisture, the gadget’s biometric sensors can spit out data on the skin’s oil levels and age. Unforutnately, the price on this is yet to be decided, but we wait with bated breath.

Mapo Mask:
 While it’s easy to gauge when you have dry skin, sometimes, the problems can run deeper. That’s where Wired Beauty’s Mapo comes in. It is a sensor-laden silicone mask that measures your skin’s temperature and moisture levels to give you tips on how to treat it. Once you’ve zeroed in on the perfect moisturizer, you can use the Mapo, which heats up, to enable better penetration of the lotion. Available at $640.

Scholl Express Pedi:
If the skin on your feet looks a little dry and worn, and you haven’t had time to schedule an appointment for a pedicure, let express pedi work its charm. Getting regular pedicures might not be possible, or economical, which is why, having a pedicure tool comes in handy. Armed with micro-abrasive particles that remove dead skin and leave you with softer, smoother feet, these electronic foot files are a definite must-have at a mere $34.46.

The OKU Skin Scanner:
Compatible with iOS and Android, the OKU skin scanner is a revolutionary device in more ways than one. It analyzes the condition of your skin by evaluating its layers, and then recommends diet and lifestyle improvements for a younger, more flawless appearance. While you may have spotted similar gadgets in salons, this is the first hand-held device that can be taken anywhere you go. The OKU, interestingly, mimics goal-oriented fitness programs by providing periodical targets for your skin’s radiance quotient. It can measure pigmentation, luminosity, firmness, moisture, and oil levels in the skin. Attractive in its simplistic, compact appearance, the OKU comes with its own docking station and travel pouch. The device is available for $299.95.

JeNu Plus Untrasonic Infuser:
Have you ever wondered how technology can influence the way you moisturize? Well, with the JeNu infuser, you’ll know exactly what that’s like. According to the company, when you use this infuser, every second 365,000 pulses of ultrasound energy vibrate the “microsphere conducting gel” you put on your skin. This helps with the absorption of your ordinary moisturizer by encouraging it to penetrate deeper, and in a painless manner! Would you pay $195 for it?

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