Beauty Mistakes That Could Trip You Up

by Trina Remedios

Women love to play dress up and  put their best face forward on most days, but, in particular, on special occasions because hey, who doesn't want to be a head-turner? Most makeup tutorials and hacks focus on what you should be doing to nail the look. But, we've decided to give you the 'don'ts'  list, which we find comes far more handy to avoid beauty slips on any big night for that matter.

Straight from real women who share their makeup horrors, here are little red flags you should watch out for when getting all dolled up.

Bronzer Horror: With contouring taking center-stage, it's not uncommon to try and use the bronzer, highlighter, blush and compact powder, all at the same time. Now, while pink and white tones are far more forgiving, the bronzer should be left to the experts unless you're a pro at perfecting the sweep of this warm-toned product.

Always apply and review your makeup in white light, because under yellow ones, you can't judge how patchy or unnatural it looks. Find a shade that's not too dark, or too orange from your natural skin tone; lest you want to look like a pumpkin, or worse, someone with sunburn. Make sure the bronzer and foundation meet half way in terms of color. Apply it evenly in an upward motion to the cheekbones, sweep some on the forehead, and trace it down your nose to the contours of the jawline.

Little Tip: Use a mineral powder bronzer so that you can dust the excess off with ease; a liquid one is very unforgiving.

Don't OD On Makeup: It's easy to get carried away and choose to use multiple shades on your face. Ditch the peacock do, we say! Limit yourself to just two colors through the face and play up only one feature.

Also, piling on moisturizer + primer + foundation + concealer + compact powder to create a long-lasting base is just unnatural. Pick two products, apart from the moisturizer, to build your base unless you want to look like the ghost of his girlfriend's past under the camera flashes.

Little Tip: Take a selfie with the flashlight on to see how you fare under harsh lights before you head out.

Don't Leave Him Stranded: You may love those hair extensions, but if you expect to go back to his place or have him over, leave them for another time. Having a lock of your hair in your date's hand is an awkward situation, to say in the least.

Also, put some thought into your hairstyle. While leaving your strands loose is always an option, sometimes you can get away with a fancy ballerina bun, a top knot, some feminine braids, and other playful styles that let you make use of hair accessories.

Little Tip: Steer clear of hairspray and heavy styling products to avoid helmet hair and frizziness if you're going to be in humid surroundings; Medusa needs to take the day off.

Pow Wow Brow: Bold and fuller eyebrows have made a major comeback, so for all of us who were tweezing them thin, there's no other choice but to take to that eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps. Now, it's easy to go overboard and have them looking unnaturally dark (read: alien alert). Be sure to stay within the lines, and pick a shade that's closest to your natural brow line. For a step-by-step tutorial, head here.

On an end note, we'd love to see how your look turned out so feel free to share pictures, ladies. 


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