Beauty Vlogger Of The Week: British Belle Zoella

by Trina Remedios
As of January 2016, Beauty Vlogger Belle Zoella's YouTube channel had 664.4 million page views. And her subscriber count? Over 10.4 million.

At the age of 26, Zoe Elizabeth Sugg (aka Zoella) has achieved much notoriety, including the Best Beauty Vlogger award from Cosmopolitan Radio 1 Teen Awards, Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award, and the 2014 Teen Choice Award. And before you slot her as just another sensation for teenagers, know that the young woman also made it to The Telegraph's 40 Best Beauty Bloggers list, was named Queen of the Haul by British Vogue, and the Most Inspirational Women of the Decade in Technology by Grazia.

Is there any surprise this rising star has secured a spot on our Vlogger Of The Week list?
We ♥: Zoe's relatable personality that seems to transcend the age barrier and appeal to those above 30, too. With snappy script delivery, her fuss-free format makes all the tutorials easy-to-follow, and you're pretty much left feeling like you're at a pajama party where your bestfriend's dishing out some beauty tips and tricks.

What To Expect: Running under the pseudonym Zoella, the British girl talks about all things style, fashion, makeup, and skin and hair solutions. Her followers eagerly look forward to the month-end wrap-up web-isodes where she picks her favorites from her beauty buys and shows you how to work with them. Zoella also does a cooking segment that would appeal to beginners.

From how to dress for your body type to nailing those trending hairstyles and makeup dos and don'ts, she does it all! Of the lot though, if you're looking for some mid-day humor then the most hilarious videos would have to be ones where she teams up with friends, her boyfriend or her brother for some silly contests, makeup challenges, and home videos

Here Are Our 3 Favorite Zoella Vlogs: 

Nail the fishtail braid, loose curls, half up-do or messy ponytail with this video, touted to be one of Zoe's most popular ones ever!

Jumpstart your summer with the must-haves of the season. Zoe takes you through all the best buys of March so that you can make your own little list before hitting the beauty aisle:

And of course, last but not the least, her take on the perfect look for the beach, complete with a skin and makeup routine and a summer-ready outfit styled by Zoe herself:
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