Pixiwoo's Celeb Makeup Tutorials For Real Women

by Trina Remedios
If you're someone who loves to recreate iconic red carpet looks or take beauty cues from your favorite celebrities, then you'll probably love the makeup tutorials on Pixiwoo YouTube channel. What started back in 2008 as DIY makeup videos and beauty product reviews has grown into a legitimate beauty brand with sisters Samantha Chapman and Nicola Haste (Chapman) offering fresh makeup tips for their 2 million+ subscribers almost daily.

With over 500 makeup videos to choose from shot in their Norwich studio in England, these girls have us glued and binge-watching their makeup tutorials on the regular.


Why We ❤ Them: Two for the viewing time of one, it's fun to see the girls engage in light banter in true sibling style in the videos where they appear together (usually it's just Sam). 

Their content is unique, too. This ain't no mainstream smokey eye tutorial channel most beauty vloggers over-do—it's for gals (or guys) who want to look as fierce as an A-lister or supermodel at half the price. 

To their credit, both Samantha and Nicola are certified makeup artists with expertise in hairdressing and wig-making. Apart from showing you how to nail celebrity looks, it's their Basics Videos that are insanely popular with newbies while the trend spin-offs (smokey look for hooded or Asian eyes) are what appeal to the masses across borders. 

What To Expect

  • A roster of Basics tutorials, party makeup, and halloween and costume looks.
  • An A-Z directory of celebrity names and their iconic looks, each illustrated in detail using a mix of drugstore and high-end brands for you to try at home.
  • Tutorials that highlight affordable drugstore products for the beauty lover on a tight budget.
  • How-to videos that cover beauty trends from the 1920s-2000s so that you can get inspiration from different eras.
pixiwoo youtube makeup tutorial
  • Beauty trends like contouring, crystal eyeliner and face lace (yep, that's a thing), and reviews of new products that are hot on the market for some tried-and-tested advice.
  • If you are pressed for time, go to their 10-minute makeup playlist for a quick-fix.

Pixiwoo's Most Popular Celeb Videos

This Arab-style makeup tutorial that takes cues from Lebanese singer/actress Haifa Wehbe is by far their most popular. In the clip, Samantha shows you how to make use of offbeat colors from your palette to recreate the sultry look.


The Angelina Jolie makeup tutorial is perfect for those who have round eyes and want to make them look more feline and winged-out. Also, we love the tips on how to fill those fine brows for some high definition like Jolie.


The Sophia Loren tutorial is another popular one, with glowing natural skin and subtle peach blush. All of the emphasis is on the signature strong brows and that perfect dragged out liner. 

And of course, Jennifer Lopez's party look from her music video for her hit single Hot On The Floor is another fan favorite. Bonus: This one has major JLo-style face contouring tricks, too.

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