Beet That: Lip Service By Shailene Woodley

by Trina Remedios

It’s very rare that we would take beauty advice from an actress who drinks clay in the morning to get her weight loss fix, but then again, there’s something very likable about Shailene Woodley. Also, to be fair, we do admit that her bone broth indulgence is indeed a healthy fix, and deserves a place in your diet on a weekly basis. Continuing on her streak of off-beat choices, The Fault In Our Stars also propagates mixing butter and coconut oil in your coffee, and urges you to get your fill of pig’s feet and bugs for dinner.

While we may not be on board with half the things on Shailene’s checklist, the actress’ latest beauty hack definitely has our endorsement. “Beets are amazing. If you roast them you’ll get a better lipstick. They’re not as potent and they don’t stain the same way if they’re raw. So I roast them first and then just dab a little of the juice on my lips with my finger.”

Well, as a lip stain, we’re sure beets would work really well, given their natural flush of color and rosy hue.

Alternately, you could try this DIY to get your fix: Blend 2tbsp olive oil, 1tbsp honey, and 1 beetroot, and it’s done. Remember to strain the juice for a thicker consistency. Empty it into a jar and refrigerate. This natural stain can hold form for up to four weeks. The rich fatty acids in olive oil will hydrate and moisturize your lips, making this an upgrade of sorts, on Shailene’s version.

In the end, we’re great supporters of making your own skincare and beauty solutions, and there’s really no reason why you can’t whip up some lipsticks and lip stains using these DIYs. With wholesome and nourishing ingredients, these concoctions can be replenished for less than half the price.

Image Courtesy: Shailene Woodley/InstagramSource: Bon Appetit

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