Team Ivy Park Or Team Lululemon?

by Trina Remedios
Riding high on the success of her sixth studio album Lemonade, Queen Bey (that would be Beyoncé) is on a roll and seems to have doubled her fans in the last month. Remember when she rocked the beyhive last month with the launch of her hot new athleisure brand Ivy Park? In short: Twitter users immediately pitted athleisure giant Lululemon and Ivy Park against each other, drawing comparisons and similarities—and Lululemon went so far as to tweet that perhaps Beyoncé was so "Crazy in Love" with their brand, she made her own. Ouch. After feeling the sting of the beyhive, they've since deleted the tweet and apologized.

No doubt, Ivy Park has sent ripples down Lululemon stores, and the brand has very real reasons to be concerned about their sales now that Bey is in the market. But are they even targeting the same audience? We put together this handy chart so you have all the right information before you pick a side.

Ivy Park


Target Audience: Going by Beyoncé's interview in Elle, she says that Ivy Park is designed for young working women. Bey noted, "I think having a child and growing older made me get more into health and fitness. I realized that there wasn't really an athletic brand for women like myself or my dancers or friends." Target Audience: While it is one of the most established and recognized brands on the fitness circuit for women of all ages and varied workout programs, Lululemon is still primarily the go-to store for yoga apparel. That said, it's targeted at all women and men who have healthy, active lifestyles.
Celeb Power: It does not get bigger than Beyoncé—and with Jay-Z forming the other half of the power couple, we're expecting to see a long line of A-listers wearing the Ivy Park by TopShop line very soon; think Eva Longoria, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ellen DeGeneres, Rihanna, and maybe even Kim Kardashian. Celeb Power: Lululemon has been riding the celebrity endorsement tide with people like the Kardashians, Gigi Hadid, Hilary Duff, Reese Witherspoon, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and many others wearing the brand's threads over and over again. Lululemon is also a big hit with A-list trainers and yoga/fitness instructors.
Pricing: Sports bras begin at $36 while the yoga pants are priced at about $42.  Pricing: Lululemon is certainly the pricier on of the two, with sports bras starting at $42 and the cheapest yoga pants begining at $98.
Fabric: Ivy Park is engineered to be quick-drying, breathable, stretchable, sweat-wicking. It also has reflective trims for late night jogs and ventilation panels. The collection is made using double-faced fabrics (making them reversible), and the leggings come with built-in briefs to shape the body. Fabric: As the godmother of athleisure, Lululemon offers all the fabric features we've come to expect: mesh gear, extremely thin textiles, anti-stink gear, and the standard breathable, soft and sweat-wicking fabrics. 
Styles To Choose From: Ivy Park launched with a line-up of 117 products across segments, so the choices you have as a buyer are obviously fewer when compared to Lululemon. Also, the accessories are pretty scant, with baseball caps and headbands coming in 2-3 styles total.  Styles to Choose From: Well, we stopped counting after 117. The variety of, say, even just yoga pants, is a whole lot more. Given that Lululemon has been around since 1998, the style sheet runs deep and wide providing you ample choice in terms of colors, fabrics, fits, special editions, etc. Lululemon also has a host of accessories like gym bags, water bottles, yoga mats, props, scarves, headbands, socks, caps, arm and leg warmers, and so much more.
Most Popular Product: The body suit that Beyoncé wears in the Ivy Park videos is of course the hottest and most in-demand product in this collection. Most Popular Product: The tank tops are a hot favorite, because they're stylish enough to wear to places other than the gym. However, it's the yoga pants that seem to be most popular with celebs.
Availability: Ivy Park is sold through Topshop, Nordstrom and Hudson's Bay (in stores and online) in the U.S. Availability: It is exclusively sold by Lululemon in the US.

beyonce in ivy park


Ivy Park will undoubtedly find its fan following in no time given the Beyoncé factor, the (comparatively) affordable price tags, and the reversible and body shaping features. But until they're able to serve up more styles and a wider inventory, chances are that loyalists will sit on the fence and buy a little bit from both brands, with most of their purchases tilting towards Lululemon. After all, nothing can undermine the goodwill of this tried-and-tested activewear line which has so much more to choose from.

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