Beyonce Drops Activewear Line; Bey Fans Dropkick Lululemon

by Z Living Staff
This afternoon things got a little heated on Twitter when Lululemon decided to throw shade at Beyonce after she unveiled her new activewear line, Ivy Park announcement. 

video via Ivy Park

PopSugar gave us the blow by blow that included the posting of tweets (some of which have since been deleted by Lululemon). But this is how the whole mess got started:

As may have been expected (but surprisingly not by Lululemon's social media team) Queen Bey's vocal fan base rushed to her side and quickly called Lululemon out for writing contradicting tweets about "healthy competition," and the subject of whether they would or wouldn't bow down to Queen Bey -- in the end they did in fact bow.

We think Beyonyce's activewear line is on point. Afterall, she's got some serious style and even more serious moves that require maximum stretch and support. An activewear line by this diva? Pretty much a no brainer. And we can't wait to try it out at a gym (or park) near us, soon as we channel the fierce Mrs. Carter herself. 

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