Camila Bravo On How To Cut The Perfect Bangs

by Charlene Flanagan
Camila Bravo is breaking the internet. That is to say, she's becoming famous for a simple beauty tutorial that seems to have caught the fancy of many.

This 20-year-old makeup artist from Colombia has about 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, but a whopping 246k followers on Instagram (find her @kamilabravo), all thanks to the many makeup, skin, and haircare tutorials. 

In a recent post, she demonstrates how to cut the perfect bangs at home. Now she has jettisoned into the limelight. With 22,400 likes, the tutorial was picked up by media houses. And there you have it, your newest social media star is Camila Bravo, ladies and gentleman.

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Cutting The Perfect Bangs by Camila Bravo: 

  1. Section the hair you want to cut from the crown area (about 1 inch for light bangs, more for fuller and thicker ones). Make sure you've taken equal amounts from both sides. Comb thoroughly.
  2. Wet the sectioned hair and comb again so that there are no knots, frayed ends, and springy locks.
  3. Hold all the hair between your fingers and twist it tight till the ends.
  4. Cut at the desired length; remember, wet hair will bounce back up so always cut a centimeter lesser than the intended length. 
  5. Untwist, blow dry, and voilà, you've just cut yourself some even bangs!
Here's the tutorial in action; watch it for yourself to see what all the fuss is about.

Things To Remember

  • Use professional sheers. Your standard kitchen scissors may damage your hair strands.
  • Before you cut your bangs, make sure you understand the texture of your hair because curly locks will rise further up and may be difficult to manage or cut evenly.
  • Also, don’t chop off too high to begin with. This will give you room to play around and correct your mistakes if you haven't perfected the technique. 
  • Don't get carried away; you can do this once or twice but in the end, it's good to leave it to the professionals before you've hacked your hair too many times at varied lengths. 
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