The Cocoa Swatches Beauty App Is For Underrepresented Shades

by Charlene Flanagan

"It’s no secret that the beauty world has a problem with diversity. In addition to darker complexions being underrepresented in advertisements, they are also often ignored in product development. It's really infuriating when a new foundation or concealer comes out and there is only one dark shade meant to encompass all dark complexions. This is why Cocoa Swatches is so important to me."

That right there is what prompted Ofunne Amaka to start up her now very popular @CocoaSwatches account on Instagram which currently has over 34,000 followers. 

#CocoaSwatches For Varied Skin Tones
It's frustrating to bring home a lipstick or eyeshadow that looked so brilliant in its tubes and cases but is not the right shade for your skintone? And what about those standard contouring palettes? The blush tones appear more 'painted on' than 'diffused', because it's just not the right color for you.

The truth is that most cosmetic brands feature their trendiest and newest shades on fair-skinned women, thus making it harder to gauge how a pigment will look on a woman with a deeper complexion.

From blogger to businesswoman, Ofunne Amaka's app fixes just that, as it helps dark-skinned women find the right makeup to match their complexion. In an interview with, Ofunne said, “After a number of disappointing purchases, where I ultimately guessed completely wrong about how a product would look on me, I thought to myself, I wish there was a resource that allowed me to see swatches of the latest makeup products on darker complexions.” But since there wasn’t one, she decided to fix the problem herself, and the rest, as they say, is history.

What To Expect
If you're looking for some quick makeup tutorials and tried and tested color swatches of new and trendy products on darker skin tones, the Instagram account makes for a great platform on-the-go.

However, the app has the advantage of many more posts that feature multiple products, detailed reviews, longer makeup tutorials, and expert picks by influencers. Hey, don't be surprised if you find your favorite beauty blogger here. It also lets you scroll through the feed by categories—shades, products, top rated reviews, similar product comparisons, and beauty blogger recommendations and tutorials. 

All in all, we'd subscribe to the FREE app for our makeup experiments and follow @CocoaSwatches on Instagram for that in-commute recreational update.

Images Via Instagram/Cocoaswatches

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