Contouring Goals From 80-Year-Old Glam-Ma

by Z Living Staff
Makeup can be a powerful ally. Add contouring into the mix and you've got yourself some makeup magic.

Contouring makeup --the process of blending different shades of light and dark cremes, concealers and powders in strategic areas of the face and neck-- can highlight your strengths, disguise percieved imperfections, and transform the way you look to an astonishing degree (just ask the Kardashians); not to mention, the whole process is totally entertaining to watch. Besides, who doesn’t like a dramatic "full-face" at-home makeup transformation once in a while?

Well, that’s exactly how Croatian Grandma Livia Lilly's amazing new contouring makeup look came about. Her granddaughter, Tea Flego, works as a professional makeup artist and decided to test her knowledge and contouring skills on her almost 80-year-old granny.

The results are super impressive, to say in the least, which is why this Glam-Ma's transformation is going viral on the internet in the form of her makeup tutorial videos, and we're loving every minute of it!


Contouring makeup à la Kim Kardashian, lipstick, and false eyelashes are part of the transformation that made Livia feel the force of the internet in recent days. The famous photo, featured on Tea’s instagram account, got a major thumbs up by 25,000 Instagram users with features, videos and posts of the granny flooding YouTube and Facebook pages.

Affectionately called Glam-Ma, Livia is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame as she marvels at her younger-by-30-years makeover. In a post on Instagram, the proud granddaughter says that it means a lot to her that the world has had such positive reactions.

And why wouldn’t we, right? This grandma-grandaughter makeup team is the Internet at its absolute best.

Well done, Tea!

Image Via Instagram/Teaflego
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