No Animals Were Harmed In The Making Of These Beauty Products

by Trina Remedios

We're all riding the moral highground at the moment as we talk about being eco-conscious in every way, and going all organic with our produce. If you find that your will to protect the planet and yourself extends to doing what's in the best interest of animals, too, then take a close look at your beauty products for they may have been tested on some poor lil four-legged furry creature; typically rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, and the like.

While we're already putting together a list of all beauty brands that allow animal testing (we will share it with you soon), here are some drugstore brands that promise 'no animals were harmed in the making of their beauty products'. 

PS: They're affordable, often organic, and quite effective, too. So, free your conscience with these beauty buys:

  • W3ll People: The eco-luxe brand is toxin-free and prepared with 100 percent organic ingredients. W3ll People was created by a makeup artist, cosmetic dermatologist and tree hugging entrepreneur (three cheers!!!). The brand covers all you makeup needs—face, lips, eyes, cheeks, and makeup brushes as well. The Narcissist Foundation Stick is one of their most popular products for those who love the no-makeup look, and it works great for those with sensitive skin. Their lipgloss is priced at $21.50 and the foundation at $31.50, so that should give you a fair idea of the price range.
  • ILIA: This organic and cruelty-free cosmetic brand caters to the lips, complexion and eyes. ILIA is growing in the line of products it offers, as well as its popularity. In just two short years, they have increased their collection from six to 40 pieces. Founder Sasha Plavsic is transparent about her processes and guarantees the use of natural and organic ingredients. Of the lot, it is ILIA’s lipsticks that are the most coveted, perhaps because of the wide color palette. They also have multi-use products for those who like to travel light. At $26 for lipstick and $44 for foundation, ILIA is totally worth the price tag.
  • RMS Beauty: This cosmetic brand is certified organic and cruelty-free. Even their packaging is simplistic, what with cute little white pots that scream fuss-free. Covering the whole gamut, from lips, eyes, and face, to nail paints and assorted skincare essentials, RMS' hottest item is the Living Luminizer (a cream-based highlighter). It is made using castor seed oil, coconut oil, beeswax and rosemary extract. The product is priced at $38, but their range runs high upto $78 for beauty oils.
  • 100% Pure: With no synthetic additives or toxins, the USP lies in the fact that most of their products are vegan. Baby-friendly and sensitive-skin friendly, their beauty line is only upstaged by their makeup collection which finds its palette in all things natural. Even their mascara, which is their hottest selling item, is made using fruit and vegetable pigments. From green tea and coconut oil, to raspberry extract, cocoa butter, rice powder and coffee beans, the all-natural ingredients are quite a handful. The mascara is priced at $25, but their bodycare products go up to $32.
  • Vapour: It rides on two certifications—cruelty-free, and organic. Vapour delivers skincare, perfumes, makeup, reparative creams, and multiple other lines. Of the lot, it is their travel-sized products and foundation collection that deserves much praise. While the travel kit includes a makeup remover, eyeliner, and a restorative night serum or an advanced solution to rejuvenate your skin, the wide spectrum of foundations will help anyone find their perfect match. The products run from $24 for lipstick to $90 for restorative night serum.

For more, take a look at the leaping bunny-certified products list here.

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