We're Fascinated By This Beauty Ritual From China

by Trina Remedios

At Z Living, we love taking a peak at beauty customs, rituals, and trends across the globe - including the far reaches of the East, where women take deep pride in their long, healthy hair. And by long, we mean really long. Like 6 feet long!

The Red Yao women of the
Huangluo Yao Village in China were rewarded the Guinness World Record for the world’s first long hair village. Their hair grooming rituals have been a part of cultural traditions for centuries; women cut their hair only once, at the age of 16, before searching for a husband. As per ancient tradition, women can only let down their hair in the presence of close family members (though, that particular tradition was abandoned in 1987).

The Secret Ingredient
The women wash their hair with fermented rice stock, a beauty concoction that can beat any commercial shampoo.

  • The fermented rice coats and reinforces the lengths of your locks to make them stronger.
  • It decreases friction and smooths out the ends to improve elasticity.
  • This stock is a good source of antioxidants, minerals and vitamin E, which nourish the hair and promote healthy growth.
  • The amino acids maintain scalp health and invigorate the roots.
  • Fermented rice stock is also said to help retain the hair pigment, which means no grays.

Make Your Own Mix
Rinse the rice and cook it, but save the stock or the water. Leave the solution out at room temperature for a day, or till it turns sour. Boil the fermented stock, allow it to cool and then add an essential oil—lavender, tea tree or rosemary—to give it a relaxing fragrance. Store it in the fridge for daily use as a hair rinse.

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